TMJ/TMD Treatment

Detecting TMJ Disorder

woman portrait in autumnTemporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ disorder or TMD, currently affects around 10 million Americans. TMJ disorder occurs when the hinge between the upper or lower jaw becomes affected and no longer functions properly. TMD is associated with many uncomfortable symptoms, including:

  • Frequent headaches or migraines
  • Jaw or facial pain
  • Pain in the neck and shoulders
  • Ringing, buzzing, or aching in the ears
  • Clicking or popping jaw

If any of the above symptoms look familiar to you, you should see Dr. Gearin for a TMD analysis. If TMD is what is causing you pain and discomfort, there’s no need to wait any longer to treat it.

Find Relief from TMD

Portrait of a happy business man smiling confidently at workDr. Gearin provides several treatments for TMD that could permanently improve your life. Visit Dr. Gearin to discuss your symptoms with her. She will administer an examination in order to determine the most effective way to relieve you from your unique TMJ problems and symptoms.

Dr. Gearin provides bite splints and oral appliances for her patients who suffer from TMD. These appliances will shift the alignment of your jaw, which will allow the joint and the muscles surrounding the joint to relax. TMD appliances are easy to wear, remove, and clean. They are also portable. We also offer restorative dental work like crowns to change the way your teeth fit together. Like a TMD appliance, this method will reduce the strain and stress on your temporomandibular joint. If these treatment methods aren’t right for you, Dr. Gearin can also recommend lifestyle changes, massage, medication, oral surgery, and more.

You don’t have to endure the pains of TMJ disorder. Seek treatment so that you can feel the complete comfort you deserve. Call us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Gearin at a time that is convenient for you.