Sedation Dentistry

Sit Back with Sedation Dentistry

woman sleep on grassIf you avoid the dentist because of anxiety, you’re not the only one. Around 30% of Americans sometimes avoid the dentist because of fear or nervousness. At the same time, these individuals know how important it is to visit their dentist regularly. Visiting your dentist will allow you to enjoy clean, healthy teeth and gums. By getting checkups and cleanings regularly, you can prevent future pain, discomfort, or intensive dental work.

Dr. Gearin doesn’t want you to feel stressed about whether or not you should visit the dentist. She provides a better solution: sedation dentistry. Now, you can truly sit back and relax throughout each appointment.

Sedation dentistry is also useful to those who have several dental procedures they would like to have done in the shortest amount of time possible. Sedation dentistry gives patients the tolerance and calmness they need to sit in the dental chair through multiple procedures. Instead of revisiting time and time again, you can make several changes to your smile in one sitting with sedation dentistry.

Our Sedation Methods

27The first sedation option Dr. Gearin offers is oral conscious sedation. Oral conscious sedation simply requires taking a pill that will relax both your body and mind. Like its name suggests, you will remain conscious when you use oral conscious sedation, but in a reduced state of consciousness so that you can feel entirely at ease. With oral conscious sedation, you’ll enjoy stress-free visits to our office.

Relax in the Dental Chair

Stop stressing about whether or not you should visit your dentist. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gearin so that she can provide you with the sedation dentistry you need. Your teeth and gums will thank you.