General Dentistry

Turn to Your Trusted General Dentist

47Everybody needs a general dentist that they trust and feel comfortable with.

Many patients ask why it is so important to visit their general dentist every six months. The answer is simple. Your teeth and gums need consistent care in order to prevent decay and disease from taking over your mouth.

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing at home is crucial, but only dental professionals can remove all of the stubborn plaque and tartar from your teeth. Some of the consequences of not caring for teeth and gums properly include bleeding and tender gums, sensitive teeth, and tooth loss.

Dr. Amy Gearin wants to make sure that patients can always benefit from perfectly healthy smiles.

Preventative Dentistry

Dr. Gearin and our staff provide top-notch cleanings and checkups for each patient. When you prevent gum disease and decay, you can constantly enjoy optimal oral health and comfort. Dr. Gearin can catch signs of dental decay or disease before they become serious, so you can avoid extensive and pricey dental work.

Treat Your Gums

If you have swollen, tender, or bleeding gums, you may be suffering from gum disease. Many Americans experience a some level of gum disease in their lifetimes, so we provide the treatment you need to get your gums back on track. We can provide you with various non-surgical gum treatments so that you can benefit from clean and healthy gums again.

Cure Decay

Portrait of beautiful girlIf you experience a small amount of decay, we can quickly restore your smile to its former glory. We treat cavities with tooth-colored fillings, so no one around you will notice a change in your smile. You’ll notice a change, though, because our fillings will alleviate the toothache and swelling that comes with tooth decay.

Talk to Dr. Gearin About Your Needs!

We love providing our patients with the optimally healthy and comfortable smiles that they deserve! Call us today to set up your general dentistry appointment.