Dental Implants

Mature romantic coupleMissing teeth can lower your confidence, pose a health hazard, and frustrate you in your daily life. Of course, you want a full, natural, functional smile again. Dr. Gearin provides all of these advantages in one tooth replacement option: dental implants. Our state-of-the-art dental implants will serve you well for the rest of your life. Here are just a few of the benefits of our dental implants:

Enjoy Eating Again | Dental implants will give you the bite force you need to enjoy all of your favorite foods again. When you are missing teeth, you may have to avoid tender spots in the mouth or places where food can become stuck. Dental implants are strong and sturdy, so you can throw your worries away and enjoy your meals and snacks again.

A Natural Look and Feel | Dental implants function, look, and feel just like natural teeth do. You will be proud to show off your attractive and natural-looking smile with dental implants. The implants will sit comfortably in your mouth, and they do not require special maintenance.

Prevent Bone Loss | When there are no tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone, the jawbone begins to deteriorate. This can lead to both cosmetic and physical consequences. You will see a gap in your smile as well as premature aging. Your face will appear sunken and collapsed when your jawbone is no longer full. In addition, it will become even more difficult to chew properly, potentially causing malnutrition.

Do It All at One Convenient Location

Not all dentists can perform both the placement and the restoration of dental implants. We believe you deserve excellent and continuous care. Dr. Gearin both places the dental implants and restores them for patients. You can stay in one location throughout your treatment and trust that your dentist is aware of all of your current needs.

Good news! If you are missing teeth and want a reliable, natural replacement option, you are probably a candidate for dental implants. Give us a call today in order to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gearin. She can learn more about your needs and let you know if dental implants are the correct solution for you.

We know you’ll love the changes you’ll see with our strong and beautiful dental implants!