Dental Cleaning FAQs

How often should I get a dental cleaning?
Dental cleanings are very beneficial, and dentists today strongly recommend attending a dental cleaning appointment every six months. However, if you have major dental issues, like periodontal disease, it is generally recommended to get your teeth cleaned every three months. But, if you would like to know how often to attend these appointments based on your specific oral health situation, you are more than welcome to ask your dentist.

Why should I get a dental cleaning?
Dental cleanings are very important, and they are vital if you wish to maintain a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile. These appointments deeply clean your smile, eliminate risks associated with gum disease, and prevent major dental problems. This cleaning process is only available in the dental office—not at home.

Are dental cleanings painful?
Dental cleanings are not painful. They do, however, involve small tooth vibrations and small amounts of pressure. If these sensations make you feel uncomfortable, the dental team is more than happy to do whatever they can to help you feel more comfortable and safe. If it helps, you can establish a key word or signal that means “stop” before you begin your cleaning. That way, you will have the control and comfort you need in the dental chair.

What is involved in a dental cleaning?
First, your dentist or hygienist will cover your chest and clothes with a bib-like cloth. Then, they will begin to clean your smile by removing the plaque from your teeth with a small metal tool or with an ultrasonic vibration device. When the plaque is removed or loosened, you will rinse your mouth with cool, refreshing water. Second, your dentist or hygienist will polish your teeth with paste. This may leave a gritty feeling in your mouth, but it won’t last long after you rinse your mouth. Third, they will then floss your smile and clean between each tooth, freeing any food particles that are stuck. Fourth, they will conclude the cleaning with a fluoride treatment, which will come in the form of a foam, gel, or varnish. This treatment will nourish and strengthen your smile.

How do I keep my teeth clean after my appointment?
In order to keep your smile clean, you will need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss your teeth at least once a day, and rinse your mouth daily. If possible, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after each meal and snack. As you brush, please use fluoride toothpaste. As you rinse, please use bacteria-killing or fluoride mouthwash.