Insights on the Process of Being Fitted for a Set of Dentures

Teeth that have been compromised by chronic tooth decay problems or complications resulting from periodontal disease, can severely impact your quality of life. Beyond simply impairing your ability to efficiently chew food, it can also slur your speech and leave you feeling self-conscious about your physical appearance.

In a situation like this, Amy Gearin, DMD’s oral healthcare team will often recommend fitting you for a custom set of removable dentures.

Dentures, are designed to look like real teeth that have been set into a pink material that mimics the appearance of your gums. This effectively restore the full function and appearance of your teeth.

You might only need their upper teeth or lower teeth replaced, while others might need both their upper and lower teeth replaced by dentures. This often requires having any remaining teeth removed to allow for a clean and even relationship between the base of the dentures and your gums.

After any remaining teeth have been addressed or extracted we will cast an impression of your mouth. This is sent to a dental lab where your new permanent dentures are custom crafted to fit your mouth.

Many people with dentures like to secure them in place with denture adhesive. This can also help to block food particles from getting between the dentures and your gums.

If you are interested in learning more about dentures and if they’re right for you, please call Amy Gearin, DMD’s office in Las Vegas, Nevada at 702-367-4040 to set up an appointment.